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High End Power Inverter. A standout performer, compact, portable Power Inverter delivers 10000W maximum output whilst easily maintaining 5000W continuous. A simple connection with the provided cables to a standard automotive or deep cycle battery provides 240volts AC power equivalent to your household supply. Power provided can be used to run almost any AC appliance, such as a TV, DVD, radios, power tools, game consoles, lights, charges or literally anything that operates on 240V. These units are absolute top of their class providing years of trouble-free operation and incorporate closed loop overload protection for your peace of mind.
Choosing the right Inverter for you.
First step is to establish the power required to run your equipment. Most appliances/tools have their wattage stamped on the nameplate or listed in the owner’s manual. Simply add your appliance wattages together to arrive at a total figure. If you find you can only locate the amps, use this simple calculation: 240 volts × Amps=Watts.
Step two is selecting the correct size inverter. Resistive loads (lights, chargers etc.) only require your inverters rated output. Inductive loads such as an air conditioner, refrigerator/freezer, require 5 - 7 times the continuous rating, e.g. an 80W refrigerator requires a 600W inverter. Power tools, fluorescent lights, TVs also require 3-4 times more wattage at start up therefore you would need a 1000W inverter to power a 250W drill.
Keep in mind, it’s an inverter, not a power station, choosing an inverter with 25-30% above your needs is recommended. If you’re unsure of your requirements, ask us or a licensed electrician.

Plug and play house from pole to pole
Bonus USB charging port
Latest i-inverter technology
Powers 220/240V devices from 12/24/48V sources
Continuous output of 5,000W
Peak output of 10,000W
Australian-standard power point
Low-battery alarm and safety shutdown
Short-circuit protection
Overload, over-voltage, overheat protection
EMC and C-tick Australian safety approval
Input Voltage: 12/24/48V
Static Current: <1.5A
Battery Low Alarm Protection: 10VDC±0.5V or 20.5VDC±1V
Battery Low Shutdown Protection: 9.5VDC±0.5V or 19.5VDC±1V
Overload Protection: Shuts down output, re-power to reset
Over Voltage Protection: 15-16V
Over Temperature Protection: >60°C
Output Short Protection: Auto Shut-off

1 x Power Inverter
DC Battery cables

Dimension (L x W x H): 60 x 26 x 22 cm
Gross Weight: 10.5kgs
12-month Australian warranty


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