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35L Portable Freezer Fridge 12V24V240V Camping Car Boating Caravan Cooler


12V/24V/240V Compressor Car Fridge / Freezer

This MISHTO BY Cenco 45W Portable Fridge is perfect for outings, keeping your food and drinks chilled. This portable fridge offers the convenience of having cold food and drinks no matter where you go. The fridge features a practical design, optimized capacity and a high quality cooling system. The portable fridge has plenty of storage space, making it a perfect car fridge for any traveling adventure. Even when your staring at home and having some friends over for a BBQ it comes in handy again for storing drinks or juicy steaks till they're ready to go on the grill.
The compressor has a soft and power-saving start at 2500 rpm. If the preset temperature is not reached within a short period of time or a temperature colder than -12C has been set, the turbo cooler switches on automatically to boost the compressor speed to 3000rpm. As soon as a preset temperature up to -12C has been reached, the system switches back to economy mode.

Electronic temperature regulation with digital display
Outstanding cooling performance
Easily Transportable
Power status and error indicator
3 Stage Battery Protection
High quality materials
Can be used as fridge or freezer

Classification of Climate:T, ST, N, SN
Product Dimensions(L*W*H):585x345x382
Net weight:16Kg
Refrigerant:R134a 45g
Foam vesicant:C5H10/C-pentane
Temperature drop:40 - 50?
Rated power:45.0W
Consumption of energy:0.13kWh/24hrs
Battery voltage:DC 12V / 24V
12 Months Warranty


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