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12V-240V Pure Sine Inverter 3000W/6000W
In order to calculate your power requirement, add up the wattage's of the tools, appliances, and items you want to use with your inverter. Keep in mind there are items that have resistive, or constant loads and those that have reactive loads. For constant load items, simply add up the Amps and multiply by 240 to find out the Watts you need.
Reactive load items require additional power when they start up. The product's nameplate should list both the operating amps and the maximum amps. When you do not have access to the nameplate for reactive load products, then as a guide, use the rated Amps or Watts multiplied by 9 to arrive at the total required at start up. Convert this figure to watts.
For example - a 200W power tool will need a 1800W inverter, a 60W fridge will need a 540W inverter and so on. It is also recommended to get an inverter with at least 30% more than your needs.
Australian Standard Power Inverter ! We are registered with the ACMA as an importer/manufacturer of equipment and all our Power Inverters come with the required C-Tick labelling to indicate compliance with Australian regulations. Our ACMA supplier code, as listed beside the C-Tick logo on our products, is N17856. Only products that bear a C-Tick label, and have been tested against the applicable standards can be sold in AU.

Designed and build with the highest standards
Very low idle current draw - 65W
6000W Surge capacity for 1/2s
Low input voltage protection
Short circuit protection
Over temperature protection
Suitable for AU socket style

Continuous power: 3000W Surge Power 6000W
Input voltage: 12V DC Output voltage and frequency: 240V AC, 50Hz
Output wave: Pure sine wave
Eficiency +87%
Low input voltage warm: (10.5+/-0.5)
Low input voltage protection: (10+/-0.5)
Size 420 X 200 X 75 mm
Unit Weight 4.9 kg
12 Months Warranty


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