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50A - 12/24V Solar Regulator Controller LCD screen


Automatic detection 12V or 24V
LCD screen
High Power output
Applicable to various types of batteries
Always keep battery on full voltage condition
1 Year warranty
Free shipping in Australia

General information

The Solar Charge Controller applies in solar photovoltaic systems, which coordinates the working of solar panels, batteries and loads. It adds some protection functions, so that the entire system can be in efficient and safe operation. Our series charge controllers (solar charge regulators, solar battery controllers) apply to all types of photoelectric panels and various types of batteries, MCU (Micro-Processing Controller) has PMW (Pulse Modulation Wide-frequency) 0~100% variable duty cycle process. According to the types and actual charging situation of the battery, the controller series can provide the fast and best charging voltage and electricity from the PV panel.


Applicable to various types of batteries * Automatic recognition of input voltage * Micro processing controller Pulse Modulation Wide-frequency(PWM)charge * Temperature sensor for charging a battery in compensation * Overloading protection (automatic comeback) * Overcharge protection * Short circuit protection (automatic comeback) * Reverse discharge protection * Converse polarity connection protection (automatic comeback) * Low voltage protection * Charge and low voltage LCD sets up * Display the capability of the battery SOC * Record and calculate the charged AH and display it on the LCD screen * Record and calculate the discharged AH and display it on the LCD screen * CPU control and LCD-display


Rated Voltage 12V/24V Automatic voltage recognition
Max Load current 50A
Input voltage range 12V~17V / 24V~34V
Over voltage protection 17V / 34V
Full charge cut 13.7V / 27.4V
10.5V~11V / 21V~22V
Temperature compensation -3mv/C/cell
No load loss =20mA
Max wire area 4mm2
Ambient temperature -25C
12 months warranty


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