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4.4kVa PureSine Inverter Generator

4.4kVa PureSine Inverter Generator

NEW 4.4kVa PureSine Inverter Generator Portable Petrol Camping home power
Our 4.4kVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter Generator is the best choice for various applications such as emergency power, industrial use and recreational use. It is engineered to work for you and give you a steady power supply when needed.

The consistency of your power source is extremely important, especially for delicate equipment. Featuring technology, you are assured of cleanly generated power with low fuel consumption superior to other types of generators. With an advanced throttle control technology, the RPM of this generator is automatically adjusted depending on the equipment connected to it, reducing fuel consumption by up to 20% compared to conventional generators. The reliable pure sine wave form of energy generated keeps sensitive appliances such as computer and audio systems running smoothly without damaging the devices (as can happen when the power supply is not smooth like other cheaper generators).

The noise level of a generator is also crucial when operating at night and at outdoor events. With a low noise level of 60db at 6m, this generator gives you a brilliant power supply without disturbing yourself or others. It also features an oil sensor, which automatically shuts down the generator if the oil level drops below the safety zone or if it is tipped over. The advanced full overload protection prevents damage to the generator and appliances connected to it if there is an overload. To top it all off, this is a well constructed item with the highest quality components from the same manufacturers for Honda and Yamaha.

With such a full list of features, all necessary quality checks and safety certificates, and a brand and specifications that speaks for itself, you cannot go past this generator!

t miss out on this great tool and order now while stocks last!
Commercial Grade Portable Inverter Generator
High Quality & Reliable Power Source Similar to Outlets at Home
High Fuel Efficiency
reduces fuel consumption up to 20% compare to conventional generator

100% Pure Sine Wave – Tested with sensitive equipment
Extra Feature
Oil Warning System:Engine will shut down by the inverter when oil level falls below the safe operation level to prevent any damage.
Economy Switch Control:Lower engine speed resulting in better fuel economy and less noise when using on small appliances.
AC & DC Circuit Protection:Circuit protection activates automatically when the load exceeds the generator rated output.
Product ideal of running:
Coffee Machine
Power Tools
Caravan/Motorhome Air conditioner
Camping Fridge
Battery Charger
*Appliances listed are only to be used as reference. Please check your product output for product compliance.
100% Pure Sine Wave – Tested with sensitive equipment
Australian Approved weather proof 10Amp AC outlets
12V DC outlet.(DC Cable)
Super Quiet – 58Db@7m
6 hours (economy mode)
Computerized overload protection
Low oil/ tip over protection
5.7 Litre fuel capacity
Economy mode option – Fuel efficiency
Super easy recoil start
Australian C-Tick Approvals
Easy service – 2m oil change
Automatic output adjustment
Max AC output: 4.4A @ cos 0.8/3.5kW
Rated AC output: 3.0kW
Rated Voltage: 240V
DC output Voltage: 12V
DC output Current: 8.3
AC outlet: double
DC outlet: single 'T'Type
Dimension: 565×320×470
Weight: 28KG
Engine Specs
Type: Air-cooled, 4 cycle,OHV,Gasoline Engine
Displacement: 149.5cc
Engine Speed: 5500rpm
Ignition Mode: T.C.I
Fuel Type: Regular Mobile Gasoline
Fuel Capacity: 5.7Liters
Oil Type: SAE 10W30
Oil Capacity: 1 Liter

Six month replacement warranty 


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